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December 2007 / January 2008
Volume 6/Number 10


Check Your Attachments at the Gate: Time to repack our baggage as we walk through New Year’s door
By Philip Goldberg

Of all the qualities we’re advised to cultivate on the spiritual path, non-attachment is one of the trickiest. On the surface, it seems pretty straightforward: don’t be attached to the attractions and aversions of worldly life, because all sensory pleasures and material possessions are transient; the satisfaction they offer will fade, giving rise to discontent, followed by brand new cravings, and when those are satisfied…well, you know. The cycle continues. The only lasting happiness, the sages tell us, comes from complete absorption in – and identification with – the limitless, unchanging Self whose very nature is bliss. So, we’re advised to give up our worldly attachments and direct our yearning to the attainment of liberation – kaivalya, moksha, nirvana or whichever term suits you. Read article...


Yantra: First in a Series: Ganesh for New Beginnings
By Sarah Tomlinson

My first yoga teachers, Sharon Gannon and David Life (co-founders/creators of Jivamukti) enlivened my experience of asana (posture) by inspiring me to align with the divine and aim at a feat no less wondrous than re-mystifying yoga. At the time this was revolutionary.Read article...


Full Circle Again, from Pop to Mantra: Donna De Lory's Transcendental Journey
By Sam Slovick

Donna De Lory is delightful. I first heard her sing in my friend’s recording studio shortly after moving to Los Angeles in the mid-1990s. As soon as her chords started vibrating, I knew she was something more than special. She was a pop singer at the time, on tour with Madonna, but more would be revealed. Read article...


Practice Pages: El Llanto — Crying
por Julie Carmen

Las lágrimas caían desde las esquinas de los ojos del estudiante y seguían su recorrido hasta su colchoneta mientras entraba en el savasana (la posición de relajación). Aunque sus ojos estuviesen cerrados, pude notar que el sabia que yo había visto sus lagrimas. Mantuve las palmas de mis manos muy sutilmente sobre sus hombros por unas tres o cuatro inhalaciones mas. Comencé a retirar la presión de mis manos muy lentamente y lo deje en la privacidad de sus emociones. Read article...


Research Review: Complementary Therapies for Children on the Autistic Spectrum
By Kari Kassir, M.D.

Part Two of Two; (Part one appeared in November)
November’s LA YOGA looked at the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Craniosacral therapy approaches to treatments for children on the autistic spectrum. This segment discusses yoga, Ayurveda and Reiki.

Yoga, including the practice of asana (posture), pranayama and meditation, is used with children on the autistic spectrum. Although no evidence-based studies have been published, yoga has been utilized successfully in a number of venues to facilitate relaxation and bring about improvement in symptoms.

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LA Heaven to Earth — December-January 2007
By Tamiko Fischer

The astrological forecast for December-January is based upon the Panchanga (Vedic calendar) whose five limbs include:

Weekday (Vara)
Lunar day (Tithi)
Half-day in the lunar cycle (Karana)
Moon’s position in one of 27 lunar mansions (Nakshatra)
Relationship between the positions of the Sun and Moon (Yoga).

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Ayurveda Q&A
By Dr. Ram Tamang

Ayurveda has been practiced in the U.S. for only about 30 years, yet it is the 5000 year old Indian system of medicine and yoga's sister science.

Q:My two-year-old daughter is constantly covered in red itchy patches and scratches herself all day. She has difficulty sleeping as well. I do not want to use over-the-counter or prescribed medications. I have taken her to conventional doctors, tried eliminating various foods, and bought several creams and tried natural remedies including applying organic ghee to her skin after her bath.  Do you have any suggestions? 

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Teacher Profile: Bhava Ram & Laura Plumb - Oceanside Alchemists
By Felicia M. Tomasko

Bhava Ram encourages the movement of the evening’s Deep Healing class from one stage of savasana (relaxation) to another with the vibrating resonance of his distinctively deep voice, fingers strumming the guitar. His chant echoes throughout the space, sweetly reminding people to awaken.

Like a chord running through his song, his intentions run through all his teaching: inspiring people to awaken, to find their own inner guru (teacher), to find their outlet for service and to find their connection to prana (life force).

Bhava Ram and Laura Plumb, partners in yoga teaching and life, have found that source of prana, their outlet (actually multiple outlets) for service and their inner and outer teachers. The pair shares what they affectionately call the Om Home, blocks from the beach on Coronado Island. They teach there, and at Ginseng Yoga in San Diego, where the two offer regularly-scheduled classes in Deep Yoga and Deep Healing and facilitate their signature Deep Yoga Mastery of Life yoga teacher training program.

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Transformation to the Beat — The Power of Thug Yoga in the Hood
Reciprocation is an infinite mirror. Its the most powerful word in the dictionary six reasons
Stories and Photos by Sam Slovik

As transformational rebirths go, there’s often a dark hour of the soul that precedes an epiphany: a point of reference for the white light to follow. The bottom, if you will. It’s a necessary part of the movement of the soul.

Six Reasons got stabbed with a machete. Choc Nitty got arrested slanging crack on skid row.

“That what it took for the seeds to sprout,” Six confesses, “The seeds that were planted by other people’s spiritual words. The tragedy was the water; triumph is the sunshine to make the seeds grow. The seeds of inspiration, the seed of maturity, the branches and leaves grow, you have a whole new outlook and see what you’re doing to people.”

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Transforming Healthcare — Partners In Health celebrates twenty years of treating patients and creating advocates.
By Mara Weiner-Macario

Joseph Jeune was weeks away from death, based on the advancement of the tuberculosis and AIDS infections running rampant through his body; his skeletal appearance made him look as though he were already dead. Anticipating what they saw as the inevitable, his family had bought his coffin. Instead of the coffin, Jeune visited a Partners In Health (PIH) clinic on Haiti’s Central Plateau.

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Transforming Sacred Space
By Jagatjoti Singh Khalsa

We all make New Year’s resolutions; we use these as natural markers for new beginnings, whether these resolutions involve diet, exercise, money or love. We think to ourselves, “Oh, a new calendar is up, it’s a fresh pad of paper.” This gives us a chance to make change. Not just any change, but sustainable, lasting change. For this level of transformation, I suggest: make it foundational. Make it sacred.

What is Sacred Space?
It is the projection of consciousness that creates sacred space, not a specific style. It is not about being pious, or following a particular religion. The sacred is not a defined archetype or look; it’s not how we dress. The sacred is the archetype that cuts through all; it is the string of our mala (prayer beads). It is the feeling of openness, of loving without judgment.

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Ruminations on the Fire of Love
The time has come to turn your heart into a temple of fire.  – Rumi

By Shiva Rea

The world is celebrating the auspicious birthday of Mevlana Jelauddin Rumi, the great dancing mystic whose passionate poems have been sung, whispered, roared, remembered, revered and echoed in the hearts of millions of beings worldwide for 800 years. Every being awakened by one of Rumi’s poems has experienced his words of tender wisdom and the fire of love that blazes across centuries, cultures and religions. We feel the shaking off of ho hum living with his call to live life fully:

You’ve been walking on the ocean’s edge
holding up your robes trying to stay dry
You must dive deeper
1000 times deepe

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