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Written by Dylan Barmmer   


Push down to melt your

heart into the earth where

all good things flower and

grow don't you know you

are just waiting to blossom

Rise up and reach for

the sky lift so high to

fly free of your burdens or

worries fears they only

hold you back if you let them

Reach out to unite your

body mind and soul just

flow as one like the ocean

like a vinyasa like something

you only dreamed of being

You are Infinite in essence

*2007 Word Is Born

Sun Gazing

Dylan Barmmer is a writer, poet, performance artist and yogi living, laughing and playing in the stunning San Diego surf enclave of Cardiff-by-the-Sea. Dylan also serves as Raconteur for creative copywriting consortium Word Is Born ( and outlaw oratorial outfit Random Acts of Poetry (, and authors the Mad Yogi Poet blog on ( Motivated by creativity, driven by passion and defined by heart, Dylan has often been called “a real piece of work.”@wordisborn

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