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Written by Christal Smith   

Tibetans Inside Tibet
Tibetans Inside Tibet
For five decades, the Tibetan people have suffered greatly under China's brutal rule. The Chinese government has done everything in its power to destroy Tibetan culture, religion and institutions.

In March, 2008, thousands of monks, nuns, and lay Tibetans put their lives on the line by protesting against Chinese rule in Tibet. Hundreds have reportedly been killed. Despite knowing the grim outcome, the protest spread widely into different parts of Tibet, including universities and major monasteries.

As the world’s eyes turn to the upcoming Olympic Games to be held in Beijing in August, it’s time to do everything in our power to oppose China’s ongoing repression.

Please take immediate action by sending a letter to your congressional representative urging him/her to speak out in support of Tibetans inside Tibet. Visit Students for a Free Tibet at: www.studentsforafreetibet.org for information on sending out letters to your congresspeople and to presidential candidates.

Nightly candlelight vigils will be held in L.A. in front of the Federal Building (cross street Wilshire Blvd./Veterans Ave.) beginning at 5 P.M. every day. Please join the local Tibetan community to recite prayers for the souls of all those who have lost their lives in the recent crackdown and to ensure that their efforts were not in vain.

Visit www.latibet.org for the latest updates and information.


–– Christal Smith

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