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Written by Constance Hart   

Feel Your True Colors

The word chakra means wheel, denoting movement. Your chakras are vortexes, spiritual focal points and wheels of energy. When awakened they transfer prana (vital life-force energy) throughout your body to nourish your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. When a chakra is moving effectively, it circulates energy to the area it governs, as well as the chakra above it, below it and into the tejas (aura). When your chakras are balanced, the quality of your life is enhanced on all levels.

Chakra balancing can be simple: focus your breath and awareness while visualizing color energy in the chakra.

Color is energy, and each color vibrates at a unique frequency that mirrors the frequency of a chakra center in optimal balance. Exposure to the energy rays of color offers a powerful tool for balancing the entire chakra system.

Energetic Chakra image courtesy of Vyana
Energetic Chakra image courtesy of Vyana
Root Chakra ~ Muladhara Chakra ~ Red Energy

The energy of the muladhara chakra starts below the tailbone and anus, at the perineum (the pelvic floor). Mula means base, adhara means foundation.

Energetically muladhara governs the colon, strength of bones, adrenaline, blood, male sex organs and prostate. Muladhara chakra sources the lower body, feet and hands with prana, and initiates the upward flow of energy along and around the spine.

In balance: We feel grounded, centered, stable, secure, ambitious, determined, active, good use of physical energy, trusting of abundance, survival, healthy relationship with food, sex and money, an overall sense of vibrant life force energy.

Out of balance: We have excessive anger, aggression, overindulgences of food, alcohol, sex or money; addictive behavior, depression; sluggishness; overweight; constipation and/or diarrhea; underweight; feeling ungrounded.

Basic Color Therapy: Bright Red to activate or Deep Red to ground.

Advanced: Green to balance, Pink to soften, Blue to calm, Violet to acknowledge.

Sacral Chakra ~ Swadisthana Chakra ~ Orange Energy

The energy of the swadisthana chakra starts below the navel and governs the low belly, hips and lower back. Swadisthana means "one’s own home” or “sweetness.”

It nourishes the health of your bladder, kidneys, adrenal glands (shared with the solar plexus) and female reproductive organs.

In balance: We feel creative, sensual, in the now, patient, with an ability to “go with the flow,” sociable, comfortable with feelings and emotions, flexible in body and mind, able to birth new ideas and projects.

Out of balance: We feel disconnected from emotions, impatient, anxious about the future, stuck in the past, controlling, issues of perfectionism, bladder or kidney problems, female reproductive issues, or unable to “step into new form.”

Basic Color Therapy: Orange to activate or Pale Blue to calm.

Advanced: Coral and Pink to nurture or Bright Blue to ground.

Solar Plexus Chakra ~ Manipura Chakra ~ Yellow Energy

The energy of the manipura chakra energy starts above the navel and governs the mid-belly and mid-back. Manipura means “lustrous gem” or “filled with jewels.”

Energetically the manipura chakra governs the health of your digestive organs, liver, pancreas, gallbladder and spleen and adrenal glands (shared with the sacral chakra).

In balance: We are focused, joyful, blissful, clear-thinking, inquisitive, free from anger, able to let go of resentment, have a healthy digestive system. We have positive self-esteem and self-confidence, a sense of personal power, a unique personality, effective
use of blood glucose and ability to exercise our will.

Out of balance: We are doubtful, fearful, confused, depressed, sad, gloomy, feel prone to negative thinking, lack curiosity and confidence, and easily overindulge in too much alcohol or chemically-processed foods.

Basic Color Therapy: Yellow or Gold to activate or Pale Violet or Deep Violet to balance.

Advanced: Green to comfort or Pale Blue to soothe.

Heart Chakra ~ Anahata Chakra ~ Green Energy

The energy of the anahata chakra energy starts at the heart muscle and spans the upper arms to the upper back just beneath the shoulders. Anahata means “unbroken,” the “unstruck sound” or “complete within the self.”

Energetically the anahata chakra governs your heart muscle, lungs, circulation, respiration and the thymus gland.

In balance: We experience an overall sense of balance, spaciousness in life, compassion and generosity. We are filled with love for other people, animals and the environment. We are balanced in: giving and receiving, doing and being, self and others, earthly self and heavenly self, and outward and inward energy.

Out of balance: We are disconnected from love and loving feelings, removed from other people, feel betrayed easily, experience extreme feelings in being overly concerned with others, have a lack of care for ourselves, a sense of “not enough time” and a dislike of nature.

Basic Color Therapy: Green to nourish.

Advanced: Pink to support Red to balance.

Purification Chakra ~ Vishudha Chakra ~ Blue Energy

The energy of vishudha chakra starts at the shoulders and nourishes up to and including the ears. Vishudha means “to purify.”

Vishudha energetically governs the neck, jaw, throat, trachea, bronchial tubes, upper lungs, mouth, teeth, gums, nostrils and ears, as well as your senses of taste, smell and hearing.

In balance: We effectively and peacefully communicate our heart’s desires and needs, have an ability to listen and inspire others creatively using expressing of speech and writing. We have an overall sense of calm, relaxation and peace.

Out of balance: We may be unclear or hold back in our communications, store resentment and anger, feel agitated, overly excited or be poor listener. We may have issues with the mouth, teeth, gums or ears.

Basic Color Therapy: Blue to activate or Orange to balance.

Advanced: Turquoise to also awaken or Yellow to energize.

Inner Eye Chakra ~ Ajna Chakra ~ Royal Blue Energy

The energy of the ajna chakra begins approximately at the bridge of the nose on the front body and below the occipital bone on the back of the head. Ajna means “to command.”

Ajna chakra energetically governs the sinuses, central nervous system, physical eyes, the balancing of the brain, pineal gland and pituitary gland (shared with the crown chakra).

In balance: We have a profound ability to trust our inner wisdom, intuition and inner images, a visionary connection to our psychic abilities, and relaxed brow bones and eyes.

Out of balance: We feel disconnected from reality, have a lack of trust in our intuition, a dull and dreary view of life, are overly analytical, compulsively engage in mental problem-solving and are overly confident or trusting.

Basic Color Therapy: Royal Blue to stimulate or Gold to balance.

Advanced: Pale Violet to awaken, Pale Blue to prepare.

Crown Chakra ~ Sahaswara Chakra ~ Violet Energy

The energy of sahaswara chakra circulates at the top and center of your head. If you draw an imaginary line up the center of your face and two more up from the center of each ear, where those points converge is your best meditation point. Ajna means “thousand fold.”

Sahaswara energetically governs the pituitary gland (shared with the inner eye), the nervous system and cultivates a deep sense of balance in the brain.

In balance: We are awakened to higher consciousness, understand our higher purpose, are released from reliance on the analytical mind, value a sense of selflessness and service to others, trust the mysterious nature of life, feel a connection to Spirit, spirituality and the Universe, have a cool and calm nervous system and an ability to “get out of one’s own way.”

Out of balance: We feel ungrounded, confused, disconnected and like we are floating in the heavens without wanting to even be on the Earth. We experience an overall lack of trust and a need to analyze and control.

Basic Color Therapy: Violet or Pale Violet to activate or Yellow to ground.

Advanced: Red and Blue also give you access to the two aspects of the crown vibration.

Constance Hart, Founder of Conscious Colors, is an internationally-recognized instructor, specializing in chakra balancing. She created the Chakra Restorative Yoga program and the Color Aromas™ chakra balancing line featured in Fit Yoga, SPA and Natural Health. She teaches regular workshops, retreats and teacher trainings in San Luis Obispo, Ventura and LA. (805) 305 - 0046.


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